So this past weekend, I went out with some single ladies (finally!!) and we went to an Asian club (as usual). At the end of the night the two ladies were a bit tipsy. So after the club, we came back to one of the girl’s brother’s place and was having some girl talk.  

During the girl talk, the subject of, “Asian guys not liking thick girls” came up.  Mind you, us three are on the thicker side of Asian girls considering most Asian girls are super thin.  But the girls were talking about this subject and that Asian guys seem to be scared to approach thick girls and it’s like they wouldn’t know how to handle thick girls.

THEN! lol we were complaining on how, we can’t we find an Asian man who is taller than 5’2”!!! And our standards for what we’d like a guy to be like. 

So one of the girl’s brother was in and out of our conversation and said, “You guys are so prejudice! You guys say Asian guys discriminate towards thick girls but you girls are discriminating towards short guys.” Which, I can’t even deny….It’s true! 

&& that is why my first choice in guys are not Asian guys.  Although my parents don’t agree with that, I can’t help it.  Most Asian guys are not attracted to “thick”/bigger girls and I’m not attracted to short scrony guys.  Although looks aren’t everything, they usually are the first thing to attract you to a person. 

On top of that, I feel like I have to contain myself around Asian guys because I’m a bit aggressive in relationships.  & I don’t like to have to contain myself.